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Portal Gun In The Stanley Parable

  1. Quick FAQ Interview: ‎‎‎‎‎Michael DeSanta: i just
    wanted to ask you, how do you get the portal gun w/ the
    stanley parable? ‎‎‎‎‎Michael DeSanta is now
    Online. Ian B.: "modding" ‎‎‎‎‎Michael DeSanta: is
    there any specific download for it? Ian B.: There is a
    dropbox link for the beta testing crew who are checking the
    new dialog and such ‎‎‎‎‎Michael DeSanta: oh ok
    thanks Ian B.: The mod basically is more than just the
    stanley parable with a portal gun Ian B.: I'm reworking the
    stanley parable to make it almost entirley about stanley
    getting a portal gun and it ruining the narrator's day. It
    has a non-linear path based style like stanley parable but
    all the places you can explore have been re-toooled to
    allow the use of a portal gun. ‎‎‎‎‎Michael
    DeSanta: so its like the narrator as GLaDos basically? Ian
    B.: As it's december and I'm with my family I can't really
    spedn too much time finishing the mod right now, but as
    always feel free to ask all the questions you like on Steam
    just don't expect answers to every little minute detail and
    obvious questions which I've been asked before might not
    get immediate answers. Also answers this long will be
    pasted as comments in a sort-of FAQ style way to quickly
    share with everyone what's up, what's the status of the
    Stanley Portalable etc... Long story short: Mod coming soon,
    IE: When it's ready. Will have: New maps Will have: Same
    Textures Will Need: Both games to work Will Have: Some
    remixed voices / dialog where words / situations are
    changed around to account for stanley now aquiring a portal
    gun Will Have: An 8 Button.
  2. NEWS UPDATE EVERYONE: I know it's 2014 now and it's been a
    WHILE but I've been busy carrying the load of a lot of
    former co-workers at my current job so It's been KIND OF
    CRAZY for me last few days! Good news: The mod is still in
    full swing! What's it got? NEW MAPS, NEW REMIXED DIALOG, NEW
    and of course THE PORTAL GUN FROM PORTAL 2. So yeah. That's
    it in a nutshell. And NO it is not out yet, NO it does not
    have a Moddb page yet, when I make something Downloadable
    with a beginning and an end THEN it will get a Moddb
  3. Stanley's a girl!
  4. Person walking down the hallway at 2:10? Wtf?
  5. This is just an edited video of a portal 2 custom map...
    isn't it?
  6. THIS VIDEO IS A LIE!!! The game is actually portal 2, not
    the Stanley parable. Explain what was Chell was doing
  7. Not sure if there's a point to a portal gun in this game.
  8. I feel like GLaDOS and The Narrator are distant
  9. This is not Portal Gun In The Stanley Parable!!! This is MAP
    The Stanley Parable in Portal 2 !!!
  10. This is Garrys mod
  11. You....broke The Stanley Parable
  12. When he looked down in the loob you saw it was Chell. You
    put the map into Portal 2 and then put the voice in the
  13. Did you load up the Stanley parable maps in portal 2?
  14. is false is a mod map portal that is what I noticed on one
    hand that the woman oh goal is to be a portal mod
  15. look i know the stanley parable has portal 2 stuff in it to
    begin with cant you just tell us what to do in order to
    rebuild the portal 2 engine in the stanley parable? i
    found out this when i saw a buggy version of chell when i
    did the command thirdperson i found out that the
    server.dll from stanley parable demo allowed sv
    cheats please just give us a tut on what files to move
  16. I was kind of hoping the narration would have coincided with
    the portal gun usage. Then again, that'd be really hard to
    pull off successfully.
  17. 2:02 STANELYS A GIRL?!?!?!?!?!!?
  18. Is it me or does the narrator and Glados kinda have the same
  19. Please map name
  20. for the people out there who don't know what they are
    talking about this is the Stanley parable map loaded in
    portal 2 but the creator of this video is making a mod for
    Stanley parable if you didn't read the creators comment
  21. Anybody notice the similarity between GLaDOS and the
  22. PLUT TWEEST Stanley is actually Chell
  23. I commend you for the massive and well done editing job! I
    can only imagine the immense work it took
  24. this actully kinda looks like a trailer for some thing. good
    job man
  25. The Chell Parable.


4.77 min
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Game: The Stanley Portalable
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Be sure to follow me on Steam:
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Game: The Stanley Portalable
Music: The Stanley Parable
Player: Ian Boswell :
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