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Foam concrete

  1. I have been looking all over internet but nowhere i can find
    the name of the chemical that produces the foam. Can
    anybody give me the name of the foam agent?
  2. thankyou . if u know the chemical name sent at any time
  3. What is that chemical you pure in water bottle.. how is that
  5. what are the applications for this? I mean...why make
  6. which chemical used to make . i used chemical to make foam
    but i only give like a soap foam not a thick foam. the
    chemical was given by company i did not that chemical name
    can give the chemical name 
  7. guys its admixtures some kind of chemicals that increases
    the workability of the concrete by maintaing the same ratio
    of water to cement and therefor maintaing strength
    required , it doesn't last forever it has limited time
    but i don't know about the foam thing why he just didn't
    threw it in the mix
  8. nice, but you should protect your Hands with gloves.
  9. Just sand, cement and liquid? No aggregate?
  10. No gloves needed huh
  11. Where did you get the concentrate to make foam...?
  12. I wish this was in english! what ingredients are you using?
    Is it liquid detergent and soda pop? No commercial foaming
    agents, please, we want to know the chemistry to do it
    ourselves, cheaply.
  13. Thank you for your effort. I posted an English translated
    version of the text some time ago. I would like to make a
    correction on this present translation: "but I tried to
    study this thing, but we found that if the solution is
    heated by the sun," is in fact "but I didn't try to
    study, I only observed that if the solution is ...."
  14. great work...i want to cast 15 cube of size 15 x 15 x 15cm
    can u tell me the proportion of cement , sand, water and
    foam agent, water in foam..??
  15. I want to put that on a lemon pie.
  16. Very interesting video! Is there an English version?
  17. I promise I'll use some gloves next time.
  18. more water = less strength concrete
  19. A simple and inexpensive to manufacture the foam needed to
    get BCU. For a concrete trucks 180l (about 120l useful) I
    used a recipe of 3 buckets of sand, cement half past one,
    depending on how water is wet sand (7-10l), and foam.
    Recipe spumogen foam is 3% and the rest water
    (theoretically). Basically I use 50 ml per liter of water,
    which is 5% and for a "portion" of BCU I used 1.5 liters of
    5% solution spumogen.
  20. @ronin4711 Da, ştiu. E filmat cu un aparat foto (asta e şi
    motivul pentru care se răstoarnă imaginea la un moment
    dat). Oricum nu e nimic important în "coloana sonoră".
  21. Yes sir ... it was my bad. I did not even think to scroll
    down ... then I later saw the translation. Thank You for
    posting this neat concept and formula. As well as the
    correction :)
  22. de unde "SPUMOGEN" ?
  23. Translation.A simple and cheap way of getting the necessary
    foam BCU. For a concrete mixer of 180l (approximately 120 l
    useful) I used a recipe of 3 buckets of sand, cement, water
    and a half depending on how wet the sand (7-10 l), and
  24. The downside worldwide spread of English language is the
    fact that a lot of other countries "steal" words and use
    them as native words. At the time of posting this video,
    the term "foam concrete" give much more results on search
    engines than the Romanian word "beton celular". The reason
    for posting this video was to help other people to obtain
    the foam without any expensive equipment. I never expected
    this movie would become an international " blockbuster" :).
    P.S nice lyrics
  25. 0:10 - 0:16 how to turn Sprite into Cola lol


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Username: diandana
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Finally the official translation:
A simple and inexpensive method to manufacture the foam needed to obtain the Aerate Concrete.
For a 180l (about 120l course) concrete
Finally the official translation:
A simple and inexpensive method to manufacture the foam needed to obtain the Aerate Concrete.
For a 180l (about 120l course) concrete mixer I used half bucket of cement, three buckets of sand and depending on how wet is the sand I added water (7-10l). And , of course, the foam.
Recipe for foam is 3% foam agent diluted in water (theoretically). Basically we used 50 ml per liter of water, ie 5% and for a batch I used 1.5 l of 5% solution. Of course, if you put more cement the stronger the concrete will be, but I don't think that a proportion more than 50% cement will do any good.
My impression was that the solution temperature influences the quality and stability of foam, but I didn't tried to study this thing. My impression was that if the solution is heated by the sun, the foam was more "fluffy"
Of course the recipe can be changed, but I'm happy with what came out. Probably a density of 900-1000 kg/cubic meter
The mesh is aprox. 2x2mm aperture with 0.5mm wire diam. and the frame is a 150x50mm rectangle. Of course, all this elements of the "foam generator" are chosen without any study, so I think each one can try other dimensions.

L.E. Foam Concrete isn't used for structural components of buildings (as far as I know). It is used only for insulation and as a filling material. In my case I used it for a terrace over a wood structure of a garage. I used it because it's light and because the wood terrace was very hard to waterproof the building. Over the concrete, the terrace was waterproofed with bitumen membrane.
There are two years now (2011), the terrace is still waterproof and the garage still standing. Of course, no major earthquake but I' m confident.

Un mod simplu si ieftin de producere a spumei necesare la obtinerea BCU.
Pentru o betoniera de 180l (aproximativ 120l util) am folosit o reteta de 3 galeti de nisip, una jumate de ciment, apa in functie de cat de ud e nisipul (7-10l), si spuma. Reteta pentru spuma e 3%spumogen si restul apa (teoretic). Practic am folosit 50 ml la un litru de apa, adica 5%, iar pentru o "portie" de BCU am folosit 1,5 l de solutie 5% spumogen.
.Impresia mea a fost ca temperatura solutiei influenteaza calitatea spumei, dar nu am incercat sa studiez lucrul asta, ci doar am constatat ca daca solutia se incalzea de la soare, spuma era mai "pufoasa"
Bineinteles ca reteta poate fi modificata, dar eu sunt multumit de ce a iesit. Probabil un BCU de 900-1000 kg/mc, destul de stabil mecanic (mai stabil decat ce am vazut pe la comerciantii de blocuri de BCU).




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